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Dear friends, It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to the BLUE MED FAB...
The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport Sen. Altero Matteoli met today the Ministers of...
A nice and easy presentation of the whole Project. Enjoy yourself discovering the FAB.
Within the BLUE MED Definition Phase the WP2 is responsible for the identification of all...
SES2 legislation is aiming to allow the growth of aviation in balance with environmental and safety objectives, against the background of increased competition for the global aviation market from other parts of the world.
The mission of the BLUE MED initiative can be summarized taking into consideration the priorities identified by the High Level Group on European aviation:
  • Enable growth: overall performance must be improved to accommodate the projected growth of 75% more aircraft movements by 2020. If demand is not met, congestion and delays will become unmanageable.
  • Reduce environmental impact: Concerns about the effect of aviation on climate change have been added to longstanding concerns about the impact of aviation on the quality of life in local communities. An enhanced approach is needed to accommodate the...
  • The BLUE MED partners have agreed that the success of the FAB creation process rely on the integration of a bottom-up approach (the common assessment by the ANSPs of the operational requirements and identification of the most promising FAB scenarios, with the active involvement of all interested stakeholders, like CAAs, Military authorities and Unions) and the top-down approach (the political decision making process between States that will ultimately provide the legal framework for the FAB institution).
    The ongoing Definition Phase is the “playground” where the two approaches will meet, in order to identify the most appropriate and efficient mix of bottom-up requirements and top-down regulatory framework.
    The BLUE MED partners have also agreed on the necessity of identifying clear and measurable Key Performance Areas and...
    The BLUE MED FAB Project was represented this year at the World ATM Congress, the most important European event dedicated to air traffic control...
    The 2nd BLUE MED Governing Board meeting was held in Italy within the ENAC premises on the 14th of January, and was attended by the...
    ATFCM Daily Report
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    2012 - May - Daily Reports
    05 - May
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